Wish List Items

Receive a free ticket to the Eastern Oregon Women's Expo with each wish list donation to Operation Courage is Beautiful. Simply bring a wish list item the day of the show, along with your ticket [click here to get your FREE ticket!].

Please note all donated items must be new, not expired, unused and never opened. Trial sizes OK.
deep conditioner, leave-in conditioners
flavored chapstick/lip balm
facial moisturizers and other skin care products
nice smelling soaps
nice smelling shampoos & conditioners
facial masks
fashion/women’s magazines
romance/mystery novels
manicure/pedicure items like nail files, nail clippers, nail buffers, cuticle pushers, nail brushes
feminine hygiene products
blank postcards and nice stationery
Gallon Sized Ziploc Bags
Shipping Tape

Show Contact

For questions regarding the Eastern Oregon Women's Expo, please contact Stacey Miles ph. (509) 948-6974 email stacey@eobridalshow.com